Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WholyFit Christian Devotional Exercise

At long last I have found a wonderful group of people who offer high quality group exercise designed as an alternative to Yoga.

So what is WholyFit?
WholyFit is a Flexibility and Strength class designed to flow and be similar to a slow dance or in general terms flow between postures and exercises.

WholyFit professes that its better that yoga?  
Well in my opinion it is. The reason is that as Christians we need to take care of the spiritual side of our life and yoga not only opposes what the bible says but it can be potentially dangerous in the hands of some instructors and those who don't understand what their body can and can't do.

How are WholyFit postures different?
Every posture or exercise is designed with functional movement in mind which means it strengthens you for the daily demands of life. Also each posture is assessed for safety and whether there can be a safer alternative performed to meet the same goal or outcome.

How can exercise be devotional?
During WholyFit classes we play inspirational Christian music either instrumental or worship style and instructors also declare the word of God throughout class. We open a class and close a class in prayer and the postures are names with biblical names. Often postures include hands turned up to the Lord Jesus Christ in open worship of Him.

Who can do WholyFit classes?
WholyFit classes are for everyone! Each posture has layer 1,2,3 so everyone can be challenged but still train with perfect form. There are also more challenging versions of each posture taught in workshops.
WholyFit also offers chair classes for those who can't stand for long periods of time.

WholyFit offers training in many different areas of exercise and requires a high standard in physical and spiritual aspects of everyone.

For more information see:  www.wholyfit.org

While WholyFit commenced in the USA and is based in the states I will be bringing WholyFit to Australia and in time there will be many classes available as well as their top quality DVD's for regular home practice.

I will commence classes late 2011 or 2012 at the Flexible 4 Life studio, Canberra Christian Life Centre, 46 Lhotsky St, Charnwood ACT.
I also plan to offer online classes for those too far away to attend classes.

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