Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tam's basic minimum - November 30th

I switch between the following twice every week without fail.

1 leg squats or lunges (using the swiss ball for the back let)  10 each side
5 Turkish get ups each side
15 squat and twists  15lb kettlebell
50 swings 20lb kettlebell
1 arm overhead press x15 15lb kettlebell

I add other exercises when I have the time. This is a great routine, I am getting a lot stronger and more flexible very quickly.

Swimming (once or twice a week)
I have started to swim again so do 20 laps (mostly freestyle and 5 or 6 of breaststroke)
Hold a kick board and double or single let kick for whole body strength.
Circuit class
I have started taking an athletic circuit once usually and sometimes twice a week.
If I swim and take circuit classes I do a lot less kettlebell exercises that week usually.
Always remember to do your basic minimum.