Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tam's basic minimum - November 30th

I switch between the following twice every week without fail.

1 leg squats or lunges (using the swiss ball for the back let)  10 each side
5 Turkish get ups each side
15 squat and twists  15lb kettlebell
50 swings 20lb kettlebell
1 arm overhead press x15 15lb kettlebell

I add other exercises when I have the time. This is a great routine, I am getting a lot stronger and more flexible very quickly.

Swimming (once or twice a week)
I have started to swim again so do 20 laps (mostly freestyle and 5 or 6 of breaststroke)
Hold a kick board and double or single let kick for whole body strength.
Circuit class
I have started taking an athletic circuit once usually and sometimes twice a week.
If I swim and take circuit classes I do a lot less kettlebell exercises that week usually.
Always remember to do your basic minimum.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tam's basic minimum - Oct 19th


Kettlebell swings 50 reps
Wall squats 10 reps
Overhead press 10 reps
Windmills 10 reps each side
Bottoms up squat 10 reps

This took about 15 mins (once a week) and I have been alternating this with the following on busy days:

Turkish Get Up 5 reps each side
KB hold overhead with double leg lower and lift
1 leg squat 10 reps each side
Squat with rotation 10 reps each side

For a really basic minimum I can do 2 exercises twice a week if this is too much.

Can you maintain your exercise routine every week for 6 months?

So most people have heard at some point that you need to exercise 30 minutes 3-5 times per week to get the full benefits.
Q: Who has the time to do that?
A: People who have either always done it or who have exercised a long time or elite/amateur athletes.

So if you can't or know you won't maintain the above specs in your exercise routine then what can you do?

My answer and it is being used more widely these days; find out your basic minimum or standard minimum.
Q: What is a basic or standard minimum?
A: It is the absolute minimum of exercise you can do each week that you can do EVERY WEEK FOR 6 MONTHS AND CONTINUE OR INCREASE AFTER THAT.

Here's a place to start:

  •  choose the weakest parts of your body or weakest movements  for example your ability to get down and up (your exercise is the squat). 
  • Decide how many times a week you'll do that exercise or 2  and do it for 1 week.  If you have any doubts about fitting it into your schedule then decide if your workout is too long for now or if something else needs to change.
  • Continue the above process until you find what works for you.
  • If you like to walk, play sports, swim or ride then decide on a duration that you can do EVERY WEEK.
Keep in mind your results will only last as long as you keep to your routine so don't try to do too much. Even start with 1 exercise once or twice a week (while you cook or wait for the microwave or watch TV) YES get off the lounge and do 1 exercise).

Follow this blog to see how I do the basic minimum.