Monday, June 13, 2011

WholyFit classes at Celebration Church

Class commenced tonight at 6.15pm with 3 eager participants. All made it through the class and the permanent time will be 6.15-7.15pm.

We discussed the idea of various workshops and Zumba classes through out the summer and I will be scheduling some of these sessions for Saturdays as well as evenings if in my home.
Topics may include:

  • Functional exercise - how to perform basic movements to keep you strong and healthy.
  • Joint health exercise.
  • resistance training without equipment or using weights, resistance bands and items around your home.
  • Zumba - for everyone, not limited to the fit, experienced dancer etc.
  • Kettlebell, boxing, circuit

Learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long term and take others with you on the journey.  Also see Good 4 U Health and Wellness ministry facebook page to encourage and inform you on the things you need to learn about.

See you at class.

Posting in June - what's next!

I've had some requests for some shoulder specific exercises so in the coming weeks of June i'll be including shoulder exercises that improve posture, reduce pain and help to manage pain due to everyday stress.

If you have other interests or suggestions please post here or email me directly or via the website.