Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to get results from your regular walking routine

Do you like to get into the outdoors for regular exercise?  So do I.

The good news is that while regular, sustained walking and jogging may do little to prepare your heart for sudden onset of stress you can make a few small changes to turn walking into a calorie burning, strength building training session that will strengthen your heart and prepare you for any stressful situation (without the increased risk of heart complications.

Try some of the following:

  • carry some light weights: you may also do some upper body exercises as a break now and then. Make sure you incorporate some shoulder blade squeezes to improve posture.
  • of course walk hills but best of all find some steep hills and walk as much of them as you can without pain in knees or a stooped posture. Your legs should do all the work not your back.
  • put light weights on your ankles or anywhere you feel comfortable, including a good backpack (with hip support).
What all of this does is build muscle, stimulate growth hormone which in turn increase your metabolism.

Remember this: consistency is key, do it often if not daily even if only a small amount and in time you'll see results that will last.

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