Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WholyFit Christian Devotional Exercise - in Canberra Australia December 2011

First class to be offered in Australia
Free Class Demonstration
Tuesday 5.30-6.30pm Class demonstration, 6.30-7pm discussion about WholyFit and classes for next year.
Flexible 4 Life studio, Canberra Christian Life Centre, 46 Lhotsky St, Charnwood ACT
Instructor: Tamra Wilson, WholyFit Gold Certified Instructor and Flexible 4 Life founder.
What to bring: a sticky mat is essential, we have a few available but there won't be enough for everyone.

Who is a WholyFit class for?
Essentially WholyFit whole body power is a flexibility and strength class for the general population including those who are regular exercisers.
It is a Christian ALTERNATIVE to yoga NOT Christian yoga.

What makes WholyFit a Christian program?
WholyFit classes combine worshipful postures and movement with the Word of God and worship of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christian worship music is played and it is a very uplifting class.

Does WholyFit incorporate meditation?
WholyFit classes consist of the following:
Warm-up (postures around a theme scripture) to prepare joints and muscles for more challenging exercises and to memorise a specific scripture.
Standing  exercises to increase stamina and joint stability, promote muscle tone and strength.
Balance  as the name suggests your balance will be challenged to promote falls prevention and improve overall balance.
Matwork exercises performed on the floor which has a different focus to the rest of class.
Meditation This is how meditation was always supposed to be, full relaxation and time to focus on our Lord Jesus and His love for us through His word (the Bible), worship music and prayer is always an option.
As you work your body hard you will receive great benefits from taking time out to allow your body to repair and recover.

Why should every Christian try a WholyFit class?
Every Christian could use more time to focus on our Lord and most people can certainly use more exercise, this is a great class to build a firm foundation of strength and joint stability before trying other types of exercise. It is also a great life long practice to undertake alongside your walk with Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour.


Come along and be part of what the Lord wants to do through righteousness and peace through biblically sound exercise practice.

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