Thursday, May 5, 2011

Circuit at home - no weights

 Here's a simple circuit - try 15 or 30 secs on each exercise and then swap sides where applicable.  To maintain continuity try a regular circuit and change 1 exercise each week to make it interesting, I do.

Exercise 1

Jump squat - position 1

Jump squat - position 2

To increase the challenge of the jump squat keep low between narrow and wide stance.

Exercise 2
Table top start position
Table top level 1

Table top level 2

Exercise 3

Side toe touch - start position

 Table top directions: Press through palm of hands and spread fingers wide.
In all versions keep abdominals drawn in and press up through gluteals, press through the heel of the foot on the floor to get extra lift.

Side toe tap - step to side and repeat 

Exercise 4

1 leg squat - do slowly
1 leg squat - stand upright

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