Monday, May 2, 2011

How to exercise everyday

Everyone feels overwhelmed at some point by all the recommendations on how much exercise you should do.

My recommendation:
Start with 10 mins a day!

  • walk or jog the stairs
  • make up your own circuit (30secs x 4 exercises and repeat 5 times or 30 secs x 5 exercises and do 4 times); include stairs or jump between narrow and wide squats, a core exercise, an overhead press and a posture exercise using your shoulder muscles to pull shoulder blades flat onto the ribs, also try lunges. Use some of the exercises from this blog and i'll be adding more soon.
  • walk uphill and include 10 mins of heart raising inclines (or do the same on the treadmill)
  • shadowbox using jabs (front and back arm), hooks, uppercuts and some simple kickboxing and evasive moves like a bob down and back up.  Again i'll upload some pics so you can see what to do.
  • If you walk the family pet try to run and keep up for 10 secs at a time and do this 5, 10 or as many times as you can during your walk.
  • Do some simple exercises while waiting for the microwave or something cooking on the stove.
If it seems too difficult to make up 10 mins then combine the cardio with some of the resistance exercises you know and keep watching this post for exercises to try.

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