Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to exercise anywhere

The latest research shows that you can get all the exercise you need in small bursts; e.g. 10 mins x 3 per day or even shorter duration if you add high intensity bursts. But if you aren't exercising regularly and want to maintain your exercise long term try to incorporate some of the following:

Think of all those times in the day when you are potentially wasting valuable exercise time.

  • microwave is on for 2 minutes or more
  • watching food at the stove
  • walking at a leisurely pace in the shops or in the carpark etc.
  • the famous one - the ads on TV
The opportunities to exercise are endless, you just need a trigger or reminder to do some type of exercise.

Try adding 5 mins extra exercise to your day using the above times to do a few more exercises.
Also remember that sitting on the floor can be quite a challenge in itself so give the couch a break and try just sitting on the floor for 5 or 10 mins of your favourite TV show, you'll be amazed.

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  1. I have a set of exercises I do when I'm standing in a queue, or just standing around. Pelvic floor 'elevator' exercise (very discrete, no-one knows you're doing it so you can do this in public!); one foot balance (stand on one foot for as long as you can, to make it trickier close your eyes); and various stretches (calf stretch, ITB stretch, quads, shoulder). The stretching exercises work best for me because I don't stretch nearly enough!