Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Exercises - squat and rotation/super squat for posture

Here are the first of the exercises to be added during January for those who want to keep up some exercises over the short break until classes re-commence in February.
The exercises are time efficient and effective in improving your flexibility, joint mobility and strength and you will probably find your heart rate will rise significantly too.
In all exercises you will need to maintain a strong abdomen and remember to breathe. If you are unsure about a certain exercise please post a message so I can help you work it out. I will use simple names so you understand the movements and positions you are trying to make.

There is no need for a major warm up before hand just do some shoulder circles to loosen the shoulders and also the shoulder joint mobility exercise i'll be posting next week.

Squat and rotation

As the name suggests you are aiming to squat and rotate the spine at the same time.

As you lower keep the knees pulled out using your thighs.
Choose the lowest point at the knees, mid calf, ankles or the floor.
Keep the top arm extending to the ceiling and imagine your torso is being pulled out of the hips (keep a long strong back) as you begin to stand in a smooth motion and finish in the position you started.

Try 5 times on each side and build up to 20. You should be able to go deeper each time you try it.

Super squat for posture

Start in your lowest squat position with hands relaxed in front of the shoulders.

Maintain a strong and lengthened spine (imagine your torso is being pulled from the hips) and drop the arms out in front.
As you stand up from the squat reach arms overhead (pic 3), then start again.

Try this 5 times and build up to 20    

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